Light breaking through trees, angels singing, etc.

I don’t know how to begin this posting without writing in all caps or following each sentence with a series of exclamation points. So… I guess I’ll start from yesterday morning and move right into today.
My interview began at 9 am on Thursday, and it ended with a job offer 5 hours later. Afterwards, I had a celebratory nap–it was glorious.
  • The interview consisted of two interviews–one with the woman who’s going on leave, and the other her (my) boss.
  • The interviews were followed by a litany of tests. The first 3 tests allowed me to demonstrate my ability to perform some of the more common tasks required of the position. Between the two interviews and the first 3 tests, I spent 3 hours working on my shoulder muscles (they became massive in a very short while).
  • Afterwards, they invited me to lunch. My first thought was, Oh my God! This must mean I’ve got the job! Which was immediately followed by, Oh my God. This must be a consolation prize for not getting the job; I probably bombed one of the tests. After all, if we’re going to continue working together in my current position, then it would be important to leave things on a nice note…
  • I demonstrated my uncouth table manners while eating a pulled-pork sandwich (Why didn’t I order something easier to eat, like a salad?), and we returned to the office for the last two tests. The first of these was one of those psychological-personality tests. I kept thinking of Dexter, t.v.’s favorite serial killer, and wondered how he would answer some of the questions. My internal monologue voice began reading the questions in his tense, quiet, creepy voice: “I have had dreams that I could never talk about to other people…True.” The second and final test was a sort of timed IQ test consisting of math problems, numerical patterns, and word-matching. Guess which part I finished, and guess which parts I kind of skipped through.

By the time I’d finished, it was 2 pm, and I was exhausted. When the woman sat down with another piece of paper in her hands, I thought I might curl up into the fetal position. She smiled benignly at me and slid the paper towards me on the table: “We’d like to offer you the position.” I don’t know what my facial expression said, but she smiled broadly before I said a word. She went over the details, and asked if I would accept. Yes! I felt like I was joyfully accepting a long-awaited marriage proposal. I think I may have crushed her hand when I shook it upon leaving.

The job involves marketing, event planning, and communications. Sweet. I’m thrilled for lots of reasons, one of which being that I’ve missed having a career, and I look forward to answering the ever-pervasive, So what do you do for a living? As far as the job title and nitty gritty details, I can’t go into that on the internet because I’ve been asked to keep my blog job-talk free. And besides, I’ve accomplished Goal #1: Find a New Job. Now it’s time to move on to my next goal. If I’m as successful with my remaining goals, I should be a marathon-running daredevil by next week.

Oh, and last but not least, WOOHOOOOOO!

Until next time.


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