Goal #2: Become More Physically Active

My greatest fear: This is what I'll look like when I go running.

Goal #1: CHECK. Goal #2: Oh, dear God. Do I really have to move on to this one? Yes, and for lots of reasons.

  1. While I’ve been literally working my ass off at work, tomorrow is my last day working on my feet in a fast-paced environment. On Monday I will have officially joined the ranks of the working stiffs–and that’s got me a little worried.
  2. Did I mention I’m becoming a working stiff? The less I move, the stiffer my joints get, and for better or worse, the job I’m leaving has kept me as well-oiled as the Tin Man (after his buffing at the Emerald City). Sitting at a desk 5 days a week is liable to make me a bit creaky, and a bit chunky. I currently work off a lot of calories each day. And I LOVE to eat.
  3. Exercise just feels good! For a while there, I was a dedicated yoga disciple, and if I go back far enough into the recesses of my memory, I can remember running and feeling amazing, like my feet were hardly touching the ground. It would be nice to relive that, especially along a nice trail… But it’s been a long time since I was able to exercise vigorously without being flat on my ass for the next few days as a result. I want to run and do yoga and swim and hike and take over the world each day that I feel well enough to do so. I don’t know if my symptoms will ever get worse and whether they’re coming or going, so I feel compelled to take advantage of the good days.

So I’ve got all sorts of great reasons, but now I’ve got to do this. I know it sounds stupid, but I don’t know how to build up to actually running. I’m intimidated. I didn’t run the mile in high school p.e., and although I’ve stopped writing notes declaring that running “exacerbates [my] asthma”–thanks, Mom, for that vocab. word–I still find myself thinking, can’t I just walk the mile?

What I’d really like to do is be able to run alongside my husband, who seems to have herculean strength and a ridiculous amount of stamina. To be able to keep up with him is setting the bar high, and that’s kind of exciting. Eventually, it would be really cool and rewarding to do a half-marathon. And I noticed that the Lupus Foundation of America has an annual walk coming up in San Francisco on Sunday, October 23rd. I understand that I’ve already mastered walking, but walking for a sustained period of time and over a certain distance could wipe me out. It would be nice to have built up a bit of stamina.

I need advice. How should I embark on this journey to build up my cardio and keep up my muscle tone? New sneakers? Fancy running shorts? Maybe a sweet head band. And where do I go?


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