A Little Bit of Everything

Whew! It’s been awhile since I’ve posted, so first here’s my excuse: I’ve been working. Morning to night, through the night (sleepwalking), through lunches, on weekends–sweating, tearing my hair out, breaking out, working. But it’s finally over. Whew!

Now I have a lot of catching up to do, so this posting will be of the miscellaneous-Island-of-Misfit-Toys sort. So, from oldest to most recent:

  • I went running! It was amazing; it felt good. And at the end, when I was ready to slowly amble my way back to the car, my husband urged me to sprint–and I did! Over the next two days, my leg muscles, and even my abs, ached. It was a good kind of sore, the kind of sore that you wear like a badge that says: Yeah, I’m kind of a bad ass. But the aches gave way to joint pain, and before long it became clear that I had picked a fight with my body. So a week later, I found myself seriously considering buying a cane to help me get around; my hips (which haven’t bothered me since I was first diagnosed) were so inflamed that I could barely get around the office, let alone up and down the stairs that lead to the restroom. Two weeks later, I’m back to normal. But I haven’t given up! I just have to figure out how to run without setting myself back.
  • I had a birthday! I’ve been so busy, I haven’t had a chance to celebrate, though. But I did get a Nook, and I’m officially a believer. I just bought a collection of 25 classic novels by a variety of authors for $1. Dude. Happy birthday to me!
  • I’ve set a writing goal for myself: I want to write a new poem every 2 weeks for the next year. When I hit the 1-year mark, I’ll start revising, discarding, and rearranging. Then I’ll start submitting my book-length collection to publishers. I’m ready to put myself out there, even though the only people I know who read poetry also write it, with the exception of one of my office mates, who’s an artist and a closeted punk-rock music lover.
  • I’m also determined to learn WordPress. F-ing WordPress. Your help features are amazingly unhelpful. No matter. I’ve ordered a book and enlisted the help of one of my fellow WordPress bloggers. No promises, but I hope to have a more visually pleasing blog within the next few months.
For next week… As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, I’ve been living the dream: Working like a dog. I have got to figure out how to manage stress better. Although I’ve made it through the valley of the shadow of death at work, I have other, very big, stressors in my life right now. Until then, I think I’ll go to the park today and bring 25 good books.
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  1. Rock on, Girlfriend!!

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