Trials & Tribulations

I’ve been very good about setting goals for myself. I’ve been very bad about following through with those goals. So let’s revisit some of my more extravagant promises.

After seriously considering purchasing a cane after a nice run, I haven’t exercised since. Not even yoga stretches. Besides feeling sluggish and stiff, it’s…bikini season. And now is the time I’m getting invited to pool parties and on speedboats, not a few months ago when I was svelte and toned. Nope, huh-uh.

What else can I add to my list of shame? I haven’t been writing. But I did indulge my inner 14-year-old last week when I read the entire Twilight series in about 3 days. I love you, Edward.

Enough self-flagellation! Here’s my excuse. My husband and I just moved–to two different cities. We’re not on the verge of a divorce or anything, but now that he’s finished with college, he’s looking for work. I have a job, but we live in a very expensive part of the country and can’t afford to live together. So he and our cat are living with his parents in a bachelor pad, and I’m renting a bedroom from my hairdresser and her boyfriend and their two other roommates in a city two hours away.

I, apparently, am an old dog. I have no interest in learning new tricks. I don’t know how to share. And now I find myself needing to share a shelf in the fridge, a shelf in a kitchen cupboard, closet space, and just house space in general. I’m learning that I’m a very private person, a private person who doesn’t like to share and doesn’t want to learn how.

I’m anxious, as last night’s bout of  sleepwalking illustrates. I feel out of sorts and tired today. And yet I feel compelled to use this rough patch in my life to learn how to deal better with change. I want to be fluid, not rigid, in my expectations. I want to make the best of my situation. I also want to curl up into a ball and sleep until I’m reunited with my husband. First step, get a good night’s sleep. Tomorrow I’ll work on getting to work with a smile on my face. Baby steps.

One Response to “Trials & Tribulations”
  1. sjretails says:

    I’m sorry about this rough patch. It only means that at the end of all this you guys will be sleepin’ in a bed of roses. HANG IN THERE muah! You old dog 🙂

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