A Good Friend, and All That Mush

Between working and making a two-hour drive to see my husband each week, I keep busy. Other factors, however, keep my schedule full. Now that I’m not currently living with my equally good half, and now that I’m living W.M.F.T.V. (without a t.v.), I’m filling my time with things I’d let fall to the wayside: painting, writing poetry, blogging, and dining out with friends.

That last one is a killer, both to my waistline and my checking account. Dining out in the Bay Area is not unlike getting repeatedly kicked in the groin. Every week I meet a very good friend of mine in San Francisco–the midway point for us–at a different restaurant.

We’ve eaten Mexican, Thai, Italian, and Beer (yes, that’s a category), and have navigated the Mission District with seeming insouciance, along with Bernal Heights and SOMA. I LOVE eating. And make all the jokes you want because I get so much pleasure from trying new flavors and cuisines that I just don’t care if people think it’s quirky that I plan out my day around my meals just as much as I plan what I’m going to wear (and I put some time into that).

But the best thing about meeting my friend once a week is that I’m meeting my friend once a week. She used to live three hours away, and I saw her maybe twice a year. Now I’ve seen her more during the month of August than in two years! And for all the other things that I’ve found to fill my time, nothing beats catching up with my dear friend over a glass of wine.

We routinely spill our guts to each other, admitting things we’d otherwise take to the grave. And we laugh. Boy, do we laugh. Great big belly laughs that draw attention from our subdued dining compatriots. There’s also a great deal of swearing involved. It is righteous.

Recently I discovered that my bank account isn’t as boundless as my love for my friend–as I mentioned before, dining out in San Francisco is a poverty-maker. So I’ve put my weekly meet-ups on hiatus until I’ve saved up enough to pay for things like rent. But until then, we’ve agreed to talk on the phone during our regularly scheduled dinners. We may not be able to share an appetizer, but we can swap stories just as easily.

I guess this is just my way of saying that good friends can make even the most trying of times a little bit easier. Cheers! to all the close friends that make life better. BTW, this is for you…

6 Responses to “A Good Friend, and All That Mush”
  1. Lemon-Aid says:

    Getting together with good friends makes all the difference in the world– especially the friends you can let your guard down with. But I hear you on the waist line and the budget. SF has some awesome restaurant.

    • lupinelife says:

      Yeah, taking a break from dining out is forcing me to get more creative about how I keep in touch with my friends, especially those who live out of town. But even when I can’t spend time with them, it’s nice to know they’re out there and I have a support system!

  2. tattooedpoet says:

    Maybe it is the PMS, or the realization that I really have seen my bff more in the past month than in the last two years, but this made me cry. Here’s to good friends in hard times, and all times!

  3. Proud to call you my friend, Amber! xoxo

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