Bucket List for 2012

Extreme I am not. I like to think of myself as safe bordering on scaredy-cat with aspirations of adventure. With that said, imagine my excitement when I found a blog that follows the adventures of someone who is actually adventurous: http://lesleycarter.wordpress.com/. Lesley has traveled far and wide, and she’s not afraid to try new, kinda scary things, like paragliding.

One thing in particular that caught my attention was Lesley’s bucket list, but the really key thing about hers is that it is accompanied by specific dates. She didn’t make a bucket list as a means of fantasizing about what she would do if only… She used it as a to-do list, figuring out how to make each item happen and actually scheduling appointments.

I may never be as adventurous as Lesley Carter, but I’m inspired by her approach to life, her by-the-balls joie de vivre. When my husband and I went on a short hike today, we began discussing things we’d either like to learn how to do or acquire someday, and it got me thinking: It’s time for me to start my own bucket list. So here’s what I have so far for 2012:

  1. Visit a tropical island
  2. Go horseback riding
  3. Get pregnant
  4. Write a book-length amount of publishable poetry
  5. Go ATV’ing
  6. Get a passport
  7. Go backpacking
  8. Camp in the snow
  9. Learn the ins and outs of my digital camera
  10. Volunteer
  11. Go stand-up paddle boarding
  12. Use my giant-sized, fancy art paper for an epic project
  13. Start playing my trumpet again
  14. Visit my dad
  15. Take a dance class

I may add to or remove some of these items, but it’s a start! So the first step will be for me to have one of these items scheduled by New Year’s Day. That only gives me a few weeks to figure out which one I can schedule first. So with one leg perched on a rock/helm of a boat/mid-air and my right hand in a salute/shielding my eyes from the sun because I forgot my sunglasses, I tentatively whisper, “Advencha….”

One Response to “Bucket List for 2012”
  1. Joanna J. says:

    THAT is a good list!

    I hope you get your passport and the opportunity to use it for some of the things on your list. And when you do, be sure to take your trumpet with you 😉

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