It’s All Good: A Healthy Pregnancy with Lupus

unicorns & rainbows

It’s all good… That’s what my doctors are saying; that’s what I’m feeling. I’m happy to report that my latest appointment with the perinatologist should be my last! I’m “high risk” due to lupus, but my lupus symptoms have been non-existent for a while now, so no need to see the perinatologist anymore. The wolf is behaving itself quite nicely.

I met with my new rheumatologist yesterday for the first time, and he confirmed what I already knew: It’s all good. He’d reviewed my last rheumy’s notes and my most recent lab results that the perinatologist had ordered. He seemed relieved to finally be able to give good news to a patient, and before long we were joking like old friends.

I had an appointment with my OB/GYN this morning: She was all smiles as well. (1) My glucose screening (for gestational diabetes) came back negative. (2) I’m not anemic. (3) My son is BIG according to their estimated due date, but nothing so Kermit the Frogridiculous to raise red flags. And just like that…BOOM…I’m making doctors smile. That’s something I’m not used to. I think I like this.

I haven’t gained much weight throughout my pregnancy–about 13 pounds. Lord knows I’ve tried: I’ve switched to whole milk, my diet now consists of ice cream and cookies on the regular, and I make sure to have both a mid-morning and an afternoon snack. I look a bit like Kermit the Frog’s sister… you know, the one who’s gotten knocked up? All skinny limbs with a large, round appendage attached to where my stomach used to be. But my less-than-impressive weight gain doesn’t seem to be affecting my little man’s growth any, and my labs don’t indicate that I’m being adversely affected. Aside from some hip pain, heartburn, and occasional sciatica nonsense–all of which are common during pregnancy–I’m good.

I’m still getting used to not operating in Emergency Mode: Hoping for the best, but dealing with the worst. With this latest round of positive news from my team of docs, I’m slowly moving out of Emergency Mode and into a new mode: Happy Mom-to-Be/Unicorns & Rainbows Mode. Sweet.

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  1. tattooedpoet says:

    That makes me smile 🙂

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