Wearable Art: Cross-stitch Necklaces

I love to surround myself with pretty things. “Pretty” to me means sensorially interesting: books, artwork, photos, clothing, jewelry, music, food… These things enhance my life, make it richer and just… better. So when an artist friend of mine announced that she was adding jewelry to her creative repertoire, I couldn’t wait to see what she had up her sleeve (or hanging from her neck).

Julia Bergen is the artist behind Do Re Mi Jewels, and as it turns out, her jewelry is a natural extension of her artwork. Already known for her delicate, expletive-laden cross-stitches, her jewelry line was born from her love affair with cross-stitch and her uncanny ability to use it in unexpected ways.

Cross-stitch Necklace

Using geometric patterns and eye-catching colors on a miniature scale, Julia has essentially created “wearable art”: framed cross-stitches dangling fashionably from your neck. Cross-stitch Necklace

She’s intensely interested in making fine art accessible to every day folks who may not be able to afford pricey original artwork. When I spoke with her last week, she said that the notion of actually wearing artwork not only makes art more accessible, but it also gives the wearer the ability to express themselves in a totally new way.

Currently, Do Re Mi Jewels offers these little artistic gems exclusively in the form of necklaces, but Julia has her eye on expanding the collection, saying, “the next thing I want to explore is earrings.” And, god willing, I’ll convince her to create some ridiculously chic cuffs.

Cross-stitch NecklacesStarting Tuesday, October 9th, you can find Do Re Mi Jewels on OfaKind.com. They’ll have 30 of Julia’s cross-stitch necklaces to choose from. In addition to being a super chic website devoted to pedaling clothing, bags, and jewelry by bad-ass up-and-coming designers, Julia says the folks behind Of a Kind “have the right intentions… getting the customer interested in the artist, besides the product.” In fact, Of a Kind even has a page devoted to the designers under the link “Meet Designers,” and Julia will soon be among them.

If you’re curious to see what else Julia can create with cross-stitch, check back here later when I post photos of my completed nursery–made complete, of course, by a cross-stitch of my baby’s name that Julia is graciously making for me!

Visit her blog: DoReMiJewels.blogspot.com

Her website: DoReMiJewels.com

And, of course, be sure to visit OfaKind.com on October 9th, and take your pick of 30 unique pieces of wearable art!

Artist’s Bio:

Julia Bergen

Julia Bergen is the designer and stitcher behind Do Re Mi Jewels. She is a lover of color, pattern and design, and received her BFA with a concentration in printmaking from UC Santa Cruz in 2009. When she’s not stitching, she enjoys musical improvisation, camping, traveling, and snuggling with cute critters.

One Response to “Wearable Art: Cross-stitch Necklaces”
  1. tattooedpoet says:

    These are lovely. I hope they are still around when my year of wishlessness is over, and I can’t wait to see the cross-stitch for your nursery! Long Live Art and the Artists who make it accessible!

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