DIY Dresser/Changing Table

In my quest to be frugal and to reuse/repurpose whenever possible, I recently set out to find a used dresser that could also double as a changing table. Just about any dresser of the appropriate height can be used as a changing table, but the prices of new ones are pretty outrageous. Even the ones made of chintzy particle board are rather expensive.

So I scoured Craigslist until I found The One. It fit my criteria: the right height, the right number of drawers, solid wood, and the right price ($30!). And I really scored because this particular dresser is also designed specifically to double as a changing table.

But as you can see in the photos below, it started off with a medium oak stain and matching knobs. Very chic, for the late 80s-early 90s.

Dresser with Oak FinishKnobs

To bring it up to date and match it to the theme of the nursery, I purchased two colors of semi-gloss paint, as well as a small paint brush and roller. Between the paint, the brush and roller, and the plastic painter’s tarp, I spent $36.

Painting Supplies

My husband set to work on the balcony of our apartment, using the roller brush for the bulk of the dresser and the paint brush for the edges and knobs.

Painted drawer face

I’m particularly pleased with my knob-painting invention: an empty tissue box converted into a holder for these little guys. I just opened one end of the box to access it from the inside, inserted the knob screws up through the top of the box, and screwed on the knobs. This allowed my husband to paint the knobs and let them dry with zero hassle.

Painting knobs

We let the paint dry on the dresser out on the balcony for about two days before bringing it into the nursery. The paint was still slightly tacky, and it took another couple of days before it was completely dry.

Painted dresserPainted Dresser

I purchased this vintage-inspired knob from Anthropologie for $8 (which is why I chose to buy only one). The polka dots are just the right color, and the knob hints at the vintage circus theme that I’m going for.

Anthropologie knob

Anthro knob

Diaper Holder

DYI Changing Table

With all said and done, this dresser/changing table cost me about $75. It’s absolutely unique, is gender neutral enough to be used for any future babies, and is far less expensive than any brand-new personality-less dresser.

Lastly, I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out that both the fleece cover on the changing pad and the diaper holder were handmade by my mother-in-law. The multi-colored polka dots were the color inspiration for the dresser. I’m so happy with how this turned out!

5 Responses to “DIY Dresser/Changing Table”
  1. Face Forward says:

    Wow, beautiful job!

  2. tattooedpoet says:

    Gorgeous work! I think we can all own cheaper and better looking furniture if we can take the time to do what you did: put a little thought and a lot of love into it.

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