Christmas Expectations

This year Christmas will be unique for two reasons: First, my husband and I won’t be spending it with family for the first time ever. We moved out of state and won’t be flying home for the holidays this year because… Second, we’ll have a newborn baby. The baby’s due literally any day now.

So how will this change Christmas for us? Well, there are the superficial things, like buying another stocking to hang alongside ours and the cat’s. Yes, our cat has his own stocking. And yes, it’s the biggest stocking out of the bunch.

I bought a package of glitter glue pens the other day so that I could write our baby’s name on his stocking, which led me to reason that I should label the other stockings as well. This, in turn, led to a surreal moment when I realized with a grin that I should write “Dad” and “Mom” on our stockings, rather than our legal names. So now our stockings are hanging above the hearth with our new roles glitter-penned across the tops.


By the time Christmas Day arrives, the baby will be around 2-3 weeks old. I wonder if we’ll be too sleep deprived to even notice that Christmas has come. And I can’t imagine making a special Christmas dinner; it seems like a lot of effort for a meal for two. So I’m not sure what we’ll eat, but it probably won’t be a ham. My husband and I have also agreed not to exchange gifts this year. After all, what could possibly top the gift of a healthy newborn baby?

So on one hand, this may be the least Christmas-y Christmas we’ve ever had. On the other hand, it may very well turn out to be the most special and memorable Christmas we’ve ever had.

One Response to “Christmas Expectations”
  1. So happy for you! I’m grinning as I read this. xoxo

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