Does Twitter Impact Your Health?

The other day as I was reading through a long queue of tweets, I noticed an overwhelmingly negative tone in all of them. From mundane complaints about feeling frustrated with loved ones to more serious complaints about feeling fed up with chronic pain, everyone seemed to be on a downhill slide.

What was interesting was that I could pinpoint the exact moment when this slide began.

There was a specific moment when the tweets changed from jokes, encouragement, and enthusiastic reports of community involvement to anger, frustration, and talks of suicide.

By the end of the week, I was feeling exhausted, stiff, and mildly depressed and anxious. I wondered where all of this had come from. After all, I’d been symptom free for almost a year and feeling positive about life!

Then the Twitter tide of despair receded and people began tweeting messages of hope once again. Suddenly, I felt better. I felt lighter, energetic, happy, and my symptoms seemed to fade away. And this seemed to be happening to everyone. My experience doesn’t exactly add up to a scientific experiment, but it made me wonder: What if being inundated with dozens, if not hundreds, of negative messages impacts your health and your outlook on life?

It’s a good reminder for me to stay positive and put positive energy into the universe–smile and the whole world smiles with you, right?


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