DIY: Baby Food (It’s easier than you think)

I’m one of those chronic Pinterest pinners–you know, the ones who pin dozens of DIY projects but never get around to doing them. So if someone told me a few months ago that I’d wind up making all of my son’s baby food from scratch, I’d probably have laughed and patted them on the head for being so cute.

But here I am, two months into introducing my son to solids, making it all from scratch. And I love it. And it’s so much easier to do than you think.

First, let me explain why I LOVE making my own baby food:

  1. I know exactly what my baby’s eating: I go to the store. I pick out the fruits, vegetables, and grains. I prepare them.
  2. I know my baby’s getting the best: His food is fresh, organic, and in some cases non-GMO certified. Plus, there are no preservatives.
  3. I know I’m saving a ton of $$$: A single 2.5-oz jar of organic baby food costs around $0.90. Whereas, I can make 16 servings from a single sweet potato for about $1.20. That’s a huge savings!!
  4. I know I can mix and match whatever ingredients I want for unique, tailor-made food that I can’t get anywhere else. Squash tasting a little bland? Add some cumin and chili powder. Peas just the same ol’ same ol’? How about some garlic and onion powder! And when my son let me know he wasn’t the biggest fan of green beans, I mixed in some pears, and now he can’t get enough of it.

Making your own baby food is SO easy.

A friend of mine gave me the Baby Bullet, and now I recommend it to every expecting parent I meet. Here’s how it works:

  • Steam some fruit; peel, core, and chop it; then throw it in the Baby Bullet with the leftover water from steaming it (chock full of nutrients).
  • It comes with a small and a large vessel for blending and two blades (one for blending food, the other for milling grains).
  • It also comes with two sets of storage containers (one set of six 2-oz containers with a rotating dial that allows you to select the date the food was made–freezable, microwavable, and dishwasher safe! The other set is a freezer tray of six 2-oz containers made from silicone, which makes it super easy to pop the frozen food out and store in a plastic baggie.)

baby bulletNow that my son is seven months old (where did the time go?!), he’s eating solids three times per day. So each weekend I set aside a couple of hours to make a week’s worth of food while my husband looks after the baby. While one batch of food is steaming, I prepare the next batch. Then while the steamed food cools, I steam the next batch. Pureeing takes seconds, and storing the food takes about five minutes. Soon I’ll be adding meats to the mix, pureeing whatever’s on the menu for my husband and me, which will cut down the time required to make separate meals.

I highly recommend purchasing additional freezer trays. I went the cheap route and bought the Babies ‘R’ Us brand for about $16, which includes two sets of 12 individual containers. You get what you pay for… The lids, which are attached, pop open constantly and require being held closed by a rubber band. I should’ve stuck with the Baby Bullet brand.

And have you seen the squeezable packets of food in baby food aisles at the store? Talk about convenient. They even have organic fruits and veggies available. But if you’re like me, you want to ensure your baby’s eating fresh food without preservatives. Good news: They sell food prep systems just for squeezable pouches! As my son gets older and more independent, I will totally buy one of those pouch systems so that I can have the convenience of letting him serve himself without the mess, and he can have fresh and delicious homemade food. And talk about a cost savings… Six pouches of four ounces of organic peas with pears (a delicious combo) costs about $9. I’ll be making my own, thank you very much, for a fraction of the cost.

So save money, give your baby the healthiest, most delicious food available, and have FUN creating whatever yummy flavor combos you can think of! Bon appetit, bebe!

baby food


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