A Room of My Own

In A Room of Ones Own, Virginia Woolf writes about the importance of having a private place to write, and she notes how it’s nearly impossible for most women to accomplish this. And despite the passage of time, it seems that not much has changed. I’m finding it difficult to find the time and the privacy to write, hence the long period of time that has passed since my last post.

But it’s also the fact that I’ve started blogging for a living, part-time, so any spare time I would have used in the past to write a post for this blog is now taken up by blogging for a company (check it out if you’re interested).

What this means is that–although I enjoy my day job–I find my creativity going into overdrive lately but have little to no time to do anything about it. So I jot down thoughts as they come to me (a children’s book here, a book of poetry there), but I can only record enough information so that I can jog my memory later on (when hell freezes over?) when I might have more time to pursue these things.

My husband opines the lack of an office in our home–he has his own projects that require space and privacy. But I’m not sure he understands why I need my own space as well. After all, I have the entire house, as he likes to remind me. And he’s right: I have the kitchen to cook and scrub, the bathrooms to bathe our baby and to scrub the toilets, the living room to play with our baby and to keep him from eating the cat, and my bedroom to fitfully sleep at night. But none of those spaces allow me to be alone and write.

Right now I’m taking advantage of the fact that the baby is asleep and my husband is out of town, which is why I’ve got a moment to check in. But to really sit for a while, mull over things, and develop ideas for more challenging projects requires regularly allotted time carved out for just that purpose.

Since I don’t foresee living in a home that provides not only one but two offices (his & hers), I need to know that I have another option or I might begin to despair of ever writing again. Eventually, my son will go to daycare from time to time for socialization. But do I really want to wait that long? Then again, I don’t have time to ruminate on this anymore; my day job beckons.


Photo credit: NPR


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