Appreciating Simple Pleasures

My husband recently purchased a bag of Dove chocolates, and despite my protestations, I’ve been steadily working on finishing off the bag before my husband does.

But this evening I noticed that the inside of the foil wrappers contain a motivational message. I imagine Dove’s marketing meetings resemble those of Season 1 of Mad Men: an all-male brainstorming session centered on what they think women think and fueled entirely by booze and cigarettes.

One of Don Draper’s acolytes must have come up with these gems:

Take a moment for yourself

I’ve taken the time to eat one of your foil-wrapped douche-y sentiments, haven’t I? So isn’t this moot? Or how about this vomit-inducing one:

Keep believing in yourself and your dreams

Oh, for chrissake. Is there anyone out there who actually feels motivated by this blather? I was going to give up, but this foil wrapper really put the wind back in my sails! But here’s one of my favorite worst ones…

Daydreaming is free

That’s true… I’m actually daydreaming about punching whoever wrote this in the face right now.

But I digress. Sexist chocolate marketers aside, the point is to appreciate simple pleasures. At least, that’s what I set out to do as part of my journey towards happiness. This particular habit was fairly easy to cultivate; I took a moment to enjoy my morning tea each day, was thankful for long, hot showers at the end of each day, and was content whenever a magical moment occurred when my husband, son and cat were all snuggled up with me on the couch or bed.

And, of course, I’ve been appreciating the simple pleasure of Dove chocolates.

dove chocolates

But has this habit increased my happiness? Yes, I believe it has. My life is filled with simple pleasures; pleasures of a more exotic, expensive kind… not so much. The nice thing about this habit is that whenever you do experience pleasure that’s not so simple, it’s an added bonus–you’ll appreciate it that much more.

Next up: Devoting some time to giving

One Response to “Appreciating Simple Pleasures”
  1. Cass says:

    Great post – I often forget to give myself any time at all 🙂

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