DIY Rocket Ship with a Twist

I have twin nephews who just turned four, and I was faced with the monumental task of figuring out what the heck to give them. Thanks to doting family and an older brother, these kids have no shortage of toys on hand. But the real challenge is that they live in another state and I am really short on cash right now. What’s an aunt to do?

Inspiration struck while observing my son playing with his rocket ship–a cardboard box he and I decorated together with markers and crayons. If he likes it, I reasoned, perhaps his cousins will, too. After confirming with their mom that they do indeed like hurtling through space in a makeshift cardboard heap, my son and I quickly got to work.

But nearly everyone reading this has successfully done this DIY, so what makes mine so different? Two things: (1) I included two toys inside the box that were actually a part of the rocket ship, and (2) I shipped the box to them with instructions to open the box very carefully when it arrived.

So here’s the final product:


The whole rocket, in all its glory.


One of the wings.


Rockets, complete with bumper stickers.


Super realistic control panel. Note the random, multi-colored buttons, switches and mystery dials. Note also the user-friendly “go” and “stop” buttons, as well as the relatively low mileage.


The other wing, personalized. My son named the ship after his newest, most favorite word: Star.


This is on one of the inside walls of the box. I attached the twins’ gifts to the buttons labeled “push” and explain that more later. When the gifts are removed, the buttons will remain, ensuring the Emergency Escape Plan is still functional.

The last image shows one of the inside walls of the box. As I explain in the photo’s caption above, I attached gift-wrapped parachute toys to the “push” buttons. That’s the twist: The boys opened the box with the help of their mom, saw the gifts and card attached inside, and then got the added bonus of being able to play with the box. Their mom sent me a photo of the twins playing in (and through) the box–they looked as thrilled as I imagined I would’ve been at their age. WIN.

Clearly, despite being a stay-at-home mom, I’m not one of those Pinterest bitches whose sole purpose seems to be to make everyone else feel like a craft-challenged loser. Good news, though: Your graphic design skills will certainly blow mine out of the water.



One Response to “DIY Rocket Ship with a Twist”
  1. tattooedpoet says:

    Pure awesomeness. I laughed so hard đŸ™‚

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