This Week In Divorce: It Ain’t All Bad

Wait, yes it is. But who wants to read the more truthfully titled article, “Divorce will rip you a new one, make you question the very root of YOU, and leave you wondering if you ever truly knew your former spouse”?

Besides, it’s not a very catchy title.

Let’s review This Week In Divorce. So far, I’ve…

  • Balled until I could hardly see through my swollen eyelids
  • Hated myself for being weak

    B&W mom self-portrait

    A little worse for the wear.

  • Finally learned to stop responding to the more hateful texts and emails from my ex
  • Wondered how I’m going to buy food and pay my utilities
  • Considered moving to Spain to avoid repaying my student loans
  • Unplugged and been really present for my son
  • Remembered that things are never as bad as they seem
  • Learned how to mow a lawn
  • Lost my temper when my son used my fancy chopsticks to dismember an already-dead grasshopper and bury it in the backyard
  • Teared up at my son’s early morning request to sing him a song to help him fall back asleep (I obliged, and he did)
  • Stopped feeling paranoid about living by myself
  • Started training for a half-marathon

    Hedge bind weeds

    Discovered these beauties while running through the arroyo by my house.

  • Confided my frustrations/worries/triumphs in some good friends
  • Felt supported and loved by my family and my in-laws
  • Realized my perceived weaknesses are actually strengths: love, devotion, hope, patience, and ultimately boundaries and self-respect. What others choose to do with the gifts I have to offer is up to them–accept them and return them in kind, or reject them and use them against me–either way, they are mine to offer to someone who recognizes them for what they are; they’re not owed to anyone as a matter of course.

Whew! It’s been a pretty productive week. I guess it ain’t all bad after all.


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