Finding the Perfect Pregnancy Workout

I’m now 21 weeks along in my pregnancy and already moving around awkwardly as my belly stretches to heretofore unheard of proportions—and I’m loving every minute of it. With that said, I’m determined to stay in shape and not become a sedentary couch potato (even though my worthless swamp cooler beckons me to nap each … Continue reading

Sleeping & Sitting Only 23 and a Half Hours Per Day

I came across this short video thanks to fellow lupus blogger, Lupus, the Adventure between the Lines, and I highly recommend watching it–whether or not you have lupus, diabetes, or are blissfully disease free.

A Guide to Walking in Chilly Weather

Not one to step foot into a gym, I need to find other ways of getting some physical activity in my life. And three days post-Thanksgiving, having eaten leftovers for lunch and dinner every one of those days, I feel the need for exercise more urgently than normal. I’m a little out of practice, though, … Continue reading

You Haven’t Lived ‘Til You’ve Thought You Might Die

Fulfilling the second and third purposes of this blog simultaneously (exercise & living dangerously), I recently went hiking with my husband in an area known as Desolation Wilderness. It’s a large, Federally owned swath of land that straddles the El Dorado and Tahoe National Forests–and yes, it’s as intimidating as its name suggests. The trailhead … Continue reading

Throw Down with the Sun

Living in the land of perpetual winter (it drizzled the other day), I rarely have to worry about the consequences of sun exposure; so whenever I come across websites and forums directed at those with lupus and the perils of the sun, I usually read on as a casual observer, feeling fairly removed from the … Continue reading

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