A Little Bit of Everything

Whew! It’s been awhile since I’ve posted, so first here’s my excuse: I’ve been working. Morning to night, through the night (sleepwalking), through lunches, on weekends–sweating, tearing my hair out, breaking out, working. But it’s finally over. Whew! Now I have a lot of catching up to do, so this posting will be of the … Continue reading

Nice Doggy…

Exercise is a scared dog that I’m trying to approach cautiously with sweet words and kissy noises: No matter how kind my intentions are, I keep getting growled and nipped at. I went running for the first time in probably two years, and I didn’t make it around the block. It felt good while it … Continue reading

Old Habits Die Hard

My old job has been tougher to extract myself from than I thought it would be. Last week I worked a half day at the office, and then I went to the store and worked until about 8:30 pm. The usual stress-inducers were present (i.e., terrible customers who leave 15 minutes after the store has … Continue reading

Hip Hop Disaster

I was going to post a short clip of me doing my hip hop workout, but upon previewing the footage, I immediately deleted it. How is it possible to have such a disconnect between what I thought I looked like and what I actually look like?! In my mind, I was totally in step with … Continue reading

Confessions of a Slug

Okay, here goes: I did yoga, once, last week. And that’s the extent of my physical exercise. I feel like a slug! Although I’m very tempted to curl up and take a nap next to my cat, I’ve decided to try to be a little more proactive about this. Originally, my plan was to do … Continue reading

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