12 Best Lupus Blogs of 2014

I recently learned that I’ve been selected by Healthline.com as one of the 12 best lupus bloggers of 2014. I’m extremely thankful to be included in their list, and I really appreciate the individual write-ups on each of the bloggers. If you’re searching for a new lupus blog to follow, I recommend checking out the … Continue reading

4 Positive Things about Having Lupus

lupus awareness month

As Lupus Awareness Month comes to a close, I wanted to reflect on the positive things my lupus diagnosis has brought into my life. Sure, there’s the fatigue, the pain, the rashes, the lesions, the expensive lab tests and doctors visits, and so much more, but it’s not all bad. There are truly kind, empathetic … Continue reading

Guest Post: Finding the Right Doctor Is Critical to Health and Happiness

Finding the Right Doctor

I’m excited to welcome Tali Wee as a guest blogger this week in honor of Lupus Awareness Month! You’ll find more info about her in the bio below.  As patients, doctors are our teachers, our mentors, our guidance through frightening decision-making and sometimes even our heroes.  With their hard-earned knowledge, they can cure our ailments … Continue reading

Lupus Awareness Month: Fear and Loathing

lupus awareness month

May is Lupus Awareness month, and between communing with other lupies via twitter and facebook and writing blog posts, I’m trying to do all I can to raise awareness for a disease that most people know nothing about yet that affects more people than many other well-publicized diseases. Click here for more info about lupus. … Continue reading

Trying to Do It All


I’m frequently guilty of trying to do it all. And before I felt the symptoms of lupus, I was often successful at it. Teaching while taking a heavy load of grad courses while student teaching? Sure! Why not? But I’m no longer able to take on quite as much; although, I try. But not without … Continue reading

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