I don’t know how to begin this posting without writing in all caps or following each sentence with a series of exclamation points. So… I guess I’ll start from yesterday morning and move right into today. My interview began at 9 am on Thursday, and it ended with a job offer 5 hours later. Afterwards, … Continue reading

One in the Hand, Two in the Bush

It’s been exactly one week since my last posting, so as promised, here is my update: I met with a group of people to discuss the ins and outs of developing some sort of creative collective. (More on that later.) I received a totally unexpected phone call. (Ditto.) I was surprised by an old friend, … Continue reading

Goal #1: Find a New Job

I’m not unusual in that I work in retail. I’m not unusual in that I have a college degree (covered in dust in my office). Since I’ve worked in a capacity that utilizes my degree, however, I do feel the need to at least scream into my pillow from time to time and share my … Continue reading

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