Fear Is Good, Unless It’s Bad: Life Lessons from The Croods

It seems like you can’t watch an animated feature-length film these days without having an overly didactic moral shoved down your throat. Pixar, Dreamworks, Disney–they all seem to be hell bent on fixing the world’s evils and making you hate yourself for being part of the problem instead of the solution (thank you, Wall-E). Well, … Continue reading

Appreciating Simple Pleasures

My husband recently purchased a bag of Dove chocolates, and despite my protestations, I’ve been steadily working on finishing off the bag before my husband does. But this evening I noticed that the inside of the foil wrappers contain a motivational message. I imagine Dove’s marketing meetings resemble those of Season 1 of Mad Men: … Continue reading

Being Mindful of the Good

After a hiatus due to the holidays, I’m back with an update on my progress on my journey to happiness. The habit I’ve been most recently working on is being mindful of the good; in other words, I’ve been trying to take notice when things go right. This was much more challenging than I thought … Continue reading

Trying to be Happy

During the last month, I’ve been consciously trying to be happy–one of the “habits of supremely happy people” as outlined on Huffington Post, based on the TED talk by the founder of positive psychology. My biggest challenge was on the micro level, trying to maintain a happy disposition despite the myriad frustrating mundanities that tend … Continue reading

Cultivating Resilience Without Becoming a Hermit

If you’ve been following my journey through the habits supremely happy people have, you know that the results haven’t been what I expected them to be. And all of the habits thus far require conscientious effort and constant diligence. But this time around, I finally found a habit that I already possess and practice daily: … Continue reading

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