Trying to Do It All


I’m frequently guilty of trying to do it all. And before I felt the symptoms of lupus, I was often successful at it. Teaching while taking a heavy load of grad courses while student teaching? Sure! Why not? But I’m no longer able to take on quite as much; although, I try. But not without … Continue reading

Best Night’s Sleep Ever

I’ve been doing a lot of window shopping lately for the baby, selecting items for my gift registry and doing my homework to ensure my baby gets the best quality goods for the best price. But what about momma? My first official baby-related purchase was, in fact, for myself. “Grow to Sleep”: The best body … Continue reading

A Guide to Walking in Chilly Weather

Not one to step foot into a gym, I need to find other ways of getting some physical activity in my life. And three days post-Thanksgiving, having eaten leftovers for lunch and dinner every one of those days, I feel the need for exercise more urgently than normal. I’m a little out of practice, though, … Continue reading

Making Time for the Things That Make Me “Me”

I haven’t decided to cut off one of my ears or anything, but I’ve recently taken up painting again. At first, it was an attempt to fill the hours left empty by the absence of my husband (who’s currently residing in another city). I used to consider myself an artist; it’s what I wanted to … Continue reading

A Little Bit of Everything

Whew! It’s been awhile since I’ve posted, so first here’s my excuse: I’ve been working. Morning to night, through the night (sleepwalking), through lunches, on weekends–sweating, tearing my hair out, breaking out, working. But it’s finally over. Whew! Now I have a lot of catching up to do, so this posting will be of the … Continue reading

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