Cultivating Happiness by Giving

If you’ve been following my blog, you may remember that I embarked on a quest to find happiness a while back ago (like, say, January). What can I say? I got busy with other things and dropped my project to be picked up again maybe never. This is one reason why cultivating happiness can be … Continue reading

A Few of My Favorite Things

Could I have chosen a more challenging time to pursue happiness?! With the government shutdown and my husband facing furloughs next week, you’d think I’d postpone my little experiment. Yet, for the first time in months, my husband and I are smiling virtually all the time. Have we gone insane? Almost. I think that sometimes … Continue reading

Supreme Happiness

A Huff Post article entitled “The Habits of Supremely Happy People”┬áhas been making the rounds on facebook and blogs recently. It’s based on a TED talk by Dr. Martin Seligman, “the father of positive psychology,” that outlines three types of happiness and explores what habits happy people have. I’m fascinated by the concept of three … Continue reading

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