Life in the NICU


I’ve put off writing about my childbirth experience in part because I don’t like thinking about it, and also in part because I feel guilty for feeling traumatized when there are so many other parents out there who’ve experienced real trauma. But if I postpone this topic any longer, I’ll be so far removed from … Continue reading

I Was Warned, But Hot Damn: 5 Surprising Facts about Labor & Life with Baby

baby surprise

Throughout my pregnancy, I read a number of baby-prep books and subscribed to several news feeds devoted exclusively to weekly pre- and postnatal updates. As my due date loomed, these news sources, in addition to friends and family members, warned me of the experiences and changes to come. But their forebodings went largely ignored because, frankly, … Continue reading

‘Good Day’ to You, 2012

baby boy

After nearly a month of no new postings, I’m back! I last wrote about how Christmas would be different this year because of  the impending arrival of my newborn son, and three days after I posted that–voila! A man-child was born unto me. The reason why I haven’t written anything recently should be pretty clear. … Continue reading

Ninth-Month Freak Out

Family Guy:

I’m 36 weeks along now–in layman’s terms, that means I’ve officially entered the ninth month of my pregnancy. But it really feels as though I just found out I was pregnant. I mean, was it really that long ago that I went through first-trimester morning sickness every day, commuting to work two hours by train? … Continue reading

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