Finding the Perfect Pregnancy Workout

I’m now 21 weeks along in my pregnancy and already moving around awkwardly as my belly stretches to heretofore unheard of proportions—and I’m loving every minute of it. With that said, I’m determined to stay in shape and not become a sedentary couch potato (even though my worthless swamp cooler beckons me to nap each … Continue reading

Nice Doggy…

Exercise is a scared dog that I’m trying to approach cautiously with sweet words and kissy noises: No matter how kind my intentions are, I keep getting growled and nipped at. I went running for the first time in probably two years, and I didn’t make it around the block. It felt good while it … Continue reading

Hip Hop Disaster

I was going to post a short clip of me doing my hip hop workout, but upon previewing the footage, I immediately deleted it. How is it possible to have such a disconnect between what I thought I looked like and what I actually look like?! In my mind, I was totally in step with … Continue reading

Goal #2: Become More Physically Active

Goal #1: CHECK. Goal #2: Oh, dear God. Do I really have to move on to this one? Yes, and for lots of reasons. While I’ve been literally working my ass off at work, tomorrow is my last day working on my feet in a fast-paced environment. On Monday I will have officially joined the … Continue reading

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