15 Tips on Having a Successful Pregnancy with Lupus

For those of you have been following my blog for awhile now, you know I’ve shared my experiences of being pregnant while having lupus (here’s just one). Staying healthy during pregnancy while keeping lupus symptoms at bay remains a hot topic that a lot of women with lupus are concerned about. The following article was … Continue reading

Ninth-Month Freak Out

Family Guy: sleekwallpapers.com

I’m 36 weeks along now–in layman’s terms, that means I’ve officially entered the ninth month of my pregnancy. But it really feels as though I just found out I was pregnant. I mean, was it really that long ago that I went through first-trimester morning sickness every day, commuting to work two hours by train? … Continue reading

Women Vs. Women: The Battle over Body Type

Body Type

Body (Stereo) types Curvy. Big-boned. Large. Fat. Fat bitch. Always eats. Only eats foods high in saturated fats. Eats to celebrate. Eats when sad. Angry. From silly euphemisms to hurtful stereotypes, the descriptions above make me hate myself just for typing those words. What an awful way to go through life: enduring inappropriate stares and … Continue reading

It’s All Good: A Healthy Pregnancy with Lupus

unicorns & rainbows

It’s all good… That’s what my doctors are saying; that’s what I’m feeling. I’m happy to report that my latest appointment with the perinatologist should be my last! I’m “high risk” due to lupus, but my lupus symptoms have been non-existent for a while now, so no need to see the perinatologist anymore. The wolf … Continue reading

Naming a Baby, and Other Top-Secret Tasks

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I’ve read through two baby-naming books and combed through dozens of websites, and I’m amazed at the sheer volume of names out there. It’s even more amazing how quickly I can dismiss each one of them. This one’s too boring. That one’s too different. That one’s too popular. This one’s too Ivy League. I started … Continue reading

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