Protect Your Skin, Fashionably, Of Course

Much of the United States has been experiencing record-breaking temperatures this summer, and Albuquerque is no exception to the rule. With temps last week ranging from the high 90s to 107 degrees, my introduction to June in New Mexico has been a bit warm, especially considering that the A/C in my husband’s truck kicked the … Continue reading

Best Sunblock. Ever.

UV rays are bad juju for anyone with lupus, and the most common advice for combating these invisible death rays is a combination of “stay out of the sun” + “wear a wide-brimmed hat” + “wear a long-sleeved shirt” + “apply copious amounts of sunblock.” These suggestions are all fine and dandy, but sometimes you … Continue reading

Throw Down with the Sun

Living in the land of perpetual winter (it drizzled the other day), I rarely have to worry about the consequences of sun exposure; so whenever I come across websites and forums directed at those with lupus and the perils of the sun, I usually read on as a casual observer, feeling fairly removed from the … Continue reading

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